Professional Food Processing Turnkey Project For Food & Beverage

Conceptual design layout and perspective machine work flow with specificational including capacity for all kind of food prccessing including can food, pet food & Beverage

  • Food and beverage production process design
  • Machines and equipment for production line
  • Design of automatic control systems and SCADA systems
  • Inspection service &
    machine maintenance
Air Blower De-Watering Conveyor-1
automatic guide vehicles
Conveyor automation system-2

Retort Product

Our retort product Classify by 3 classes which are Lab, pilot and industry scales. And we built all kind of retort and autocalve for both fix and rotary mode as of general and special product 

  • Duo Mode Retort (Water sprey & Direct steam)
  • Water Sprey Retort
  • Direct Steam Retort
  • Rotary
  • Water Immersion
  • Hi Temperature Retort
  • Semi Auto Low Cost Retort
Duo Mode Retort
Pilot Scale Rotary Retort 95DR
Rotary Retort
water immersion retort
Water Immersion Retort
semi auto low cost retort
Semi Auto Low Cost Retort
vacuum oven retort
Vacuum Oven
high temperatuture retorthigh temperatuture retort
Special Design Retort
automatic guide vehicles


We provide both Semi-Automatic AGV. Supporting of 4 ways moving direction (note also call “Shuttle”)


Provides automatic means for stacking cases of goods or products onto a pallet.

Food Processing Machinery 

We Provide Both Semi Autoamation & Fully Automation machinery

can wasger
Can Washer
Can Loader
Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV)_Shutter
semi automatic can unloading
Can Unloader

Use Conveyor Automation System For Replace Human Error  and Labor cost Saving For Your Product line

automatic convenyor system
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